About Me, How I got here!

I started my Career as a Software Engineer back in 2001 and worked till 2014 with the companies like Career Launcher, Sapient, IBM. During my stint in IT Industry, I had hand-written and generated millions of lines of code that made the Applications run and performed tasks as per Clients Wishes. I also played many client facing roles dealing with Clients from Canada, Germany, UK and USA. I led teams and happened to groom 100s of Programmers for their Coding and Team Building skills. 

My career graph went up nicely usually but also took a hit two times when I underwent my pregnancies. I suffered setbacks in promotions and failed to recieve respect and good roles after returning back from both my maternity leaves. The same people who had loved me previously as a brilliant professional, they treated me as liability and threw me out of their projects. It came to the point that I decided to quit employment after my second Maternity Break for the sake of my emotional well-being. 


During the Year 2014, I was unhappy, lost and hopeless about my life. Then, I encountered a group of Spiritual Practice and discovered Manifestations. This was an eye-opener. I saw simple, humble housewives manifesting huge things in their lives. Initially I thought it was some kind of staging and I laughed it off. But then, very soon, I started receiving my own manifestations then for me, it was not less then a Miraculous Discovery of the Human Power that exists.

I went on with a lot of inner work as I was unhappy from inside and also started exploring the Art of Manifestations deeply, like I would have studied any new Technology. On my new Journey, I kept on getting blocked for my Manifestations and kept researching and noting how I made progress. I also lost my balance when I received huge Manifestations and went out of limits in arrogance and attitude. I kept learning my lessons during my Journey of Manifestations. Soon enough, I understood, the main objective behind the Power of Manifestations granted to Human Life. Since then there had been no looking back and here I am. 


My Big Mission

After fulfilling most of my wishes, as I continue to live fulfilled and strive to fulfill my new Desires, its my Duty to pass this knowledge to other people. I started guiding other people for Manifestations during the year 2017. When I encountered the Digital Coaching Model in 2022, I decided to follow the Model and spread this knowledge to as many people as I can, especially women. My mission in one line is,

"I want to help 100,000 people Manifest the Dream Life that they desire to live and experience an empowered and fulfilled Life."

My Family

I am married to Vivek Narayan Sharma, he is a prominent advocate, practicing in Supreme Court of India. We are Blessed with two sons studying in Delhi Schools. Our family is prominently into Spritiual Practices and we have a lifestyle full of disciplined routines around fitness, reading, work and quality family time. 

My Extra-curriculars

I am a mother of two children and my life revolves around my family. Along with that, I do a lot of inner work, self discoveries and I love to nourish, cherish my potential and live them into reality. 

Visual Artist

I love to sketch, paint portraits, abstract and mandalas. 


I practice Ashtanga Yoga. I explore powerful postures and Meditations.


My first Book 'Not Just Fate' was released in 2012. I have another Unpublished work.


I take joy in motivating people and talk non-stop about Manifestations.

My Credentials

Past Experience, when I was not a Professional Coach

12 Years of Information Technology Experience with Companies like IBM and Sapient

2 years of Digital Marketing Experience with ANCo Lawyers

Artist holding Art Exhibitions

Published Author of the book 'Not Just Fate'

Certifications, Trainings as a Coach

Unleashed by Christine Hassler

Digital Coaching by Siddharth Rajsekar

Trained in Ashtanga Yoga

Other Spiritual trainings including Chakra Meditation, Breath Control, Chanting Practice etc

Awards and Recognitions

ORION Award by IBM

Recognized by INBA as the 100 Most Influential women of India in the book 'The Phenomenal She'-2018

Simple Process to Get Started- Group Coaching Memberships

I have various membership levels to cater to your needs. Attend my next webinar to learn more and then get started on a journey of Manifesting Your Dream Life. My Silver Manifestor Group memberships are here, Gold and Diamond are launching soon! Register Below to recieve the Invitation with the Introductory Discount on my Membership Prices. 

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Trusted By Many Happy Customers

I have guided many people using the principles of my Spiritual Toolbox, to have breakthroughs in their lives.

Shilpa Arora is a versatile Life Coach who can reveal, guide and affect some intrinsic life affirmative positive changes with her array of spiritual tools, programs and strategies. Immensely informative and revelatory, her simple yet pointed programs can be of a great help for the ones seeking self-development, divine intervention & organic evolution.

Rajan Ahuja

Realty & Verticals Pvt. Ltd.

Shilpa is by far one of the best manifestation coaches around. She teaches about the importance of vibration and positive feeling states.

I was frustrated in every area of my life and I needed clearity. Shilpa gave me that clarity and utterly changed my understanding of the work, and in doing both of those, she changed my life. She is direct and kind, as well as thoughtful and forward moving.

I have manifested clarity in my path, resolve in dropping what doesn’t serve, and bravery and strength in standing in my worth due to my sessions with her. 

Surbhi Arora

Software Engineer, FIS

Shilpa Arora Sharma's spiritual coaching is easy to understand with deep meaning inside . Great for beginners like me. So much of knowledge . Looking for much more like this from her.

Karishma Dadlani

Home Maker

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