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Hi, I am Shilpa Arora Sharma (SAS)

I am a Manifestation Coach. I use the techniques of Manifestation and principles of Karmic Farming and guide you to your power and belief that You can Create Your Life, Your Way.

I am here to help you identify your Dreams and the issues that block you from achieving those Dreams. My 6- step program would help you to assess your unfulfilled desires and identify your specific challenges, followed up with a comprehensive customized plan of mindset shifts, affirmations and a routine to help you Manifest the life that you want. I would guide and support you throughout the process through a prescribed one to one counselling sessions, helping you to stay on track and make that progress towards your goals.

My Mission

Redefine Education
Creating Dream Life in Real

We all have Dreams during School life, young days. They all get lost as life happens. I coach people into identifying, beleiving and making their dreams come true.

My Expertise

Digital Coaching
Manifestation Coaching

With over 10 years of experience in Manifestations and Karmic Farming, I have recreated my Life as I dreamt and helped many more to create and live the life they wanted to Live.

My Community

Business Growth Hub
Manifestor Hub

I founded this community in the year 2022 to help help people learn Manifestations faster. Manifestations sometimes need deep work and a support system is very Important during the wait.

3 Secrets To Believe in Your Dreams and achieve them

With over 100+ members and growing, we are building a new kind of civilization for the new world.

Secret 1- Your Dreams are Important for your Fulfillment and Growth 

With me you would make an assessment of your Desire Spectrum through the outlook of Divine Yantra. We would also look into the advance level of Desire(s) that resonate(s) with your Vision and intricately map them to your growth. 

Step 1
Step 2

Secret 2- The Dream Desires can be Manifested with the Power of Mind and Karmic Farming

We often feel clueless and hopeless about the desires buried deep down in our hearts. If we knew that all our desires can be manifested, it in turn would usher in great Vigor, Hope and Joy in our lives. It's just about knowing the right techniques, inculcating some deep internal work & habits like a Daily Routine of Spiritual Workout, Manifestation Techniques, Affirmations and Karmic Farming.

Secret 3- How to enter the Manifestation Zone and Sustain it

Once we know how to enter the Manifestation Zone, a lot of manifestation would become seamless and then if we need, we could further work on multilevel Manifestations. To sustain the zone, we must become a Giver of this gift to other people.

Step 3

The Manifestor Hub

With over many members and growing, we are building a new kind of parallel reality for the world. Silver Manifestor Membership is open and other Memberships are Opening Soon!

Simple Process to Get Started- Group Coaching Memberships

I have various membership levels to cater to your needs. Attend my next webinar to learn more and then get started on a journey of Manifesting Your Dream Life. My Silver Manifestor Group memberships are here, Gold and Diamond are launching soon! Register Below to recieve the Invitation with the Introductory Discount on my Membership Prices. 

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Trusted By Many Happy Customers

Using the time tested principles of my Spiritual Toolbox, Repository of my Experience and my Intuitive Understanding, I have guided many people to have their crucial breakthroughs in their lives.

Shilpa Arora is a versatile Life Coach who can reveal, guide and affect some intrinsic life affirmative positive changes with her array of spiritual tools, programs and strategies. Immensely informative and revelatory, her simple yet pointed programs can be of a great help for the ones seeking self-development, divine intervention & organic evolution.

Rajan Ahuja

Realty & Verticals Pvt. Ltd.

Shilpa is by far one of the best manifestation coaches around. She teaches about the importance of vibration and positive feeling states.

I was frustrated in every area of my life and I needed clearity. Shilpa gave me that clarity and utterly changed my understanding of the work, and in doing both of those, she changed my life. She is direct and kind, as well as thoughtful and forward moving.

I have manifested clarity in my path, resolve in dropping what doesn’t serve, and bravery and strength in standing in my worth due to my sessions with her. 

Surbhi Arora

Software Engineer, FIS

Shilpa Arora Sharma's spiritual coaching is easy to understand with deep meaning inside . Great for beginners like me. So much of knowledge . Looking for much more like this from her.

Karishma Dadlani

Home Maker

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